[gdal-dev] OCI driver not adding data to Oracle Table

Clay, Bruce bclay at ball.com
Wed Sep 3 10:43:06 EDT 2008

I have been trying to use the OCI driver to create a table and load data
into it.  I have been using the same code loop in the past to create
shapefiles without problems.  No errors are reported during the
CreateFeature and SetField process based on return status but no data
shows up in the table.


I added several calls to CPLGetLastErrorMsg and still do not get any
reported errors.  I set a trap in OGROCITableLayer and walked down that
path into FinalizeNewLayer and FlushPendingFeatures and finally got an
error message pn the OCIStmtExecute call indicating that a "value was
larger than specified precision allows for this column".  Unfortuneatly
it did not indicate which column was in error.


Is there any way to pin down the exact column?


If did notice in the SetField that atof(string) returned more digits to
the right of the decimal point than the precision specified.  Is that
the likely cause of the problem?  The source data only has 8 characters
to the right of the decimal point but the atof call returns more than 8
when it converts the string retrieved from the source table in Oracle.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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