[gdal-dev] how can use gdalce.dll and gdalce_i.lib in vc2005 smart device application to open image(tif)?

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Sun Sep 21 08:34:02 EDT 2008

liu_daojie wrote:
> hello: I have successfully used gdal in vc6 to  open 
> image(.jpg,.png...) .but in evc platform i have get  gdalce.dll  and 
> gdalce_i.lib in vc2005 smart device application.i can not know how
> to use them to open image? please tell me

I've already replied to your first e-mail you sent directly to me:

Have you learned how to use GDAL in general on Windows desktop?
How to build client application with Visual Studio 2005?
Have you read GDAL tutorial (http://gdal.org/gdal_tutorial.html) ?

You need to do this first and then you will be prepared to move to
Windows CE platofrm.

Also, best place to ask this kind of questions is gdal-dev mailing list


So, other uses have chance to reply and learn from replies.

Now, if you know how to use eVC 4.0 IDE and you are having problems with
using Visual Studio 2005, then you have to learn how to use VS2005.
This is not related to GDAL but to VS2005.

Please, jump into MSDN Library and read about using VS2005, creating new
projects, adding DLL files as Additional Dependencies, etc.

Also, don't forget to ask for help on MSDN forums:


Best regards,
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