[gdal-dev] how can use gdalce.dll and gdalce_i.lib in vc2005 smart device application to open image(tif)?

Tom Kazimiers 2voodoo at gmx.de
Mon Sep 22 13:50:22 EDT 2008

Hi liudaojie,

of course you cannot use the same libraries as in the desktop version,
but the includes stay the same. As stated on the website you could
compile the libraries for smart device processors (like ARM for
example). Also, the methods you call and the way things work is the same
- despite the fact that you often have much lesser memory then on desktop.

And please, if you respond to a mail - send the mail to the group (some
e-mail programs have buttuns like "respond" and "respond all")- this way
the mailing list is getting a carbon copy and all could read what you
have written (and respond or benefit to/from it).


liu_daojie schrieb:
> hello:
> here I have a question in wince you use the same lib and include as in
> vc6.0 ? or others ? can you list them?the method is same in wince as
> in vc6 to open image(tiff)?
> thanks
> liudaojie
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