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Hey, thx for the answer, but maybe I wasn't clear enought. I'm using ogr with a map file for a mapserver (an later on a GIS). My question is, is it possible to pass a parameter from the gis/wms call to the ogr query, passing by openlayer-ms4w then the map file. 

Frank, you said I can use SetAttributeFilter, but how does it work ?

Thx for your help

Frédéric Therrien

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> Frédéric Therrien wrote:
> > Hey guys, I'm using ogr to perform select statement in a database for a 
> > mapserver/gis. I would like to know something. Is it possible to build 
> > dynamic query ? Here is an example:
> > 
> > Select * from Table where field1 > X
> > 
> > Where X can vary depending on the query. I would like to use this 
> > feature for time display (display information since a date and this date 
> > can be feed by the user in the user interface).
> > 
> > Thx for you help.
> Frédéric,
> I don't know anything about your application, but of course it is
> generally possible to do dynamic queries.  This would normally be
> accomplished by assembling the query string dynamically in your
> application before passing it to ExecuteSQL() or SetAttributeFilter().
> Note that "OGR SQL" requires that the right side of any comparison be
> a constant, so you can't compare two fields in a non-database datasource
> (if that is what you were thinking).  You can do anything supported by
> SQL in a real RDBMS.
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