[gdal-dev] KML output fields

Christopher Condit condit at sdsc.edu
Fri Sep 26 19:21:09 EDT 2008

Hi Bruce-

The KML driver should behave as follows:

If you define a field using a creation option for NameField (the default
is "Name") then it will be written out as the "Name" element. Likewise
with "Description". You're saying that everything works fine using
ogr2ogr but when you try to create an OGR dataset programmatically you
get extra, empty "name" and "description" elements in the output? Can
you file a trouble ticket and include your input layer and code snippet
if possible?



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When I use ogr2ogr to convert a shapefile to KML there are no "Name" or
"Description" fields in the output and all attributes are lined up.


When I try to create a KML file from my code and populate the data both
"Name" and "Description" fields are included in the output.


I have tried not a variety of things in the call to KML's

            Not setting any options (i.e. passing a NULL)

            Setting both to empty strings

CSLSetNameValue( ogrOptions, "NameField", "");

CSLSetNameValue( ogrOptions, "DescriptionField", "");


      Setting both to "None"

CSLSetNameValue( ogrOptions, "NameField", "None");

CSLSetNameValue( ogrOptions, "DescriptionField", "None");



None of the above will remove the 2 fields from the output KML as a
result all real attribute values are sifted up 2 places.  


I looked in the ogr2ogr.cpp and I do not see any parameters getting
passed into the call.


Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?






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