[gdal-dev] opendap on Windows

Michael Sumner mdsumner at utas.edu.au
Sun Sep 28 20:03:13 EDT 2008

Hello, I've been investigating building GDAL with Opendap support - the
3.8.2 installer for Opendap doesn't have the include subdirectories for
/xdr /pthreads or /curl. 

I'm using this installer: http://www.opendap.org/pub/binary/libdap/win32/libdap_3.8.2.exe
Is there something obvious that I'm missing?  It seems from some recent
tickets that Opendap 3.8.2 has been included successfully on Windows.
Does this only work when building Opendap from source? 

There seems to be a simple error in  [GDAL]/nmake.opt, where the DODS_LIB 
path needs an extra underscore. I assume the version "DODSDIR" is used in 
subsequent make options for referring to the actual frmts/dods directory? 

# Uncomment for DODS / OPeNDAP support
#DODS_DIR = C:\libdap3.6.2
#DODS_LIB = $(DODSDIR)\lib\libdapMD.lib

Cheers, Mike.

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