[gdal-dev] opendap on Windows

Christopher Condit condit at sdsc.edu
Mon Sep 29 18:13:46 EDT 2008

Hi Mike-
> Thank you for the feedback - I have tried copying the
> headers into the libdap/include folder - and editing the top level
> nmake.opt to DODS_DIR. There just were a number of unclear steps (for
> me) so I'll go back and try again, then report back more completely. I
> will provide the full steps if I ever succeed.
Here's my configuration:
DODS_DIR = C:\develop\lib\libdap3.8.2
DODS_LIB = $(DODS_DIR)\lib\libdapMD.lib

And then I added the includes from the "Tools" distribution to the
include dir (preserving the directory hierarchy). If you're still having
trouble building perhaps attach a copy of the errors from nmake. I'm
also using VS 2005.

> I also gather that the instructions for MSVC  in the GDAL FAQ should
> completed - I've only done the "atlbase.h" step as that seemed to
> the build in general to finish. Any idea if the other steps would
> impact the Opendap build?
As far as I know these instructions are for the "Express Edition". I
didn't have to make any changes to my VS installation.


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