[gdal-dev] opendap on Windows

Michael Sumner mdsumner at utas.edu.au
Mon Sep 29 17:37:23 EDT 2008

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the feedback - I have tried copying the curl/xdr/pthreads 
headers into the libdap/include folder - and editing the top level 
nmake.opt to DODS_DIR. There just were a number of unclear steps (for 
me) so I'll go back and try again, then report back more completely. I 
will provide the full steps if I ever succeed.

I also gather that the instructions for MSVC  in the GDAL FAQ should be 
completed - I've only done the "atlbase.h" step as that seemed to allow 
the build in general to finish. Any idea if the other steps would impact 
the Opendap build?

I'm using MSVC 1400 (2005).

Cheers, Mike.

Christopher Condit wrote:
> Hi Michael-
>> I'm using this installer:
>> http://www.opendap.org/pub/binary/libdap/win32/libdap_3.8.2.exe
>> Is there something obvious that I'm missing?  It seems from some
> recent
>> tickets that Opendap 3.8.2 has been included successfully on Windows.
>> Does this only work when building Opendap from source?
> There are some pieces that you'll need to grab separately. I think
> they're all bundled in:
> http://www.opendap.org/pub/binary/libdap/win32/OPeNDAP_Tools_1.1.exe
> In particular I think you'll need the include files for xdr, curl, and
> pthreads (bundled in the above installer). I ended up copying them to my
> libdap\include directory for ease of use.
>> There seems to be a simple error in  [GDAL]/nmake.opt, where the
>> path needs an extra underscore. I assume the version "DODSDIR" is used
>> in
>> subsequent make options for referring to the actual frmts/dods
>> directory?
> Correct. The makefile for the drivers uses "DODSDIR" to refer to the
> directory. 
> -Chris
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> San Diego Supercomputer Center
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> condit at sdsc.edu
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