[gdal-dev] gdal_rasterize not masking float data

Ned Horning horning at amnh.org
Thu Sep 17 12:15:41 EDT 2009

I found out what the problem is. I did not delete the pyramid (.rrd) 
file associated with the image. As you know gdal_rasterize  does not 
change that file so when I displayed the processed image in ERDAS the 
viewer was still accessing the old (unchanged) pyramid images. I zoomed 
in but not enough to access the original (.img) image data. It appears 
to be working properly. Now I'll test it on a 9-band image. Sorry for 
the noise.


Ned Horning wrote:
> Hi - I am trying to use a shapefile as a mask for a 32-bit float 
> single band image in ERDAS img format. When I view the result after 
> running gdal_rasterize it does not appear to have changed the values 
> in the image that correspond with the polygons in the shapefile. When 
> I converted the image (after running gdal_rasterize on it) to the byte 
> range the masked values magically appeared.
> Can anyone explain why this is happening? I'll try it on some more 
> images but wondered if there is a straightforward explanation.
> I am using a recent version of gdal 1.5.4 installed from OSGEO4W on a 
> Windows 32-bit XP computer
> Ned
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