[gdal-dev] Learning GDAL

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Wed Apr 21 17:47:19 EDT 2010

You have lots of ressources here:
* http://gdal.org
* http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal

To answer more directly your questions :
* Yes, R,G,B channels are considered as bands in GDAL model.
* You can read several band at a times with the GDALDataset::RasterIO() call. 
See http://gdal.org/classGDALDataset.html#e077c53268d2272eebed10b891a05743

Le Wednesday 21 April 2010 23:39:07 jcurru, vous avez écrit :
> Hi.
> I'm new to GDAL, but supposed to have some experience in C++.
> I'm trying to use GDAL in my project because CxImage, the image library I
> was using so far, is not able to deal with big images.
> After several days fighting against my compiler I could finally build
> gdal.lib (I'm using Builder C++, supposed not to be supported by GDAL).
> Now I'd like to start working with GDAL, but I can't find a start point. My
> first aim is to build a pyramid of tiles in a special format (no GeoTiff or
> ECW tiles, for example, but one I have designed to work with OpenGL). I'd
> like to be able to load arbitrary tiles from a tiff image (and then convert
> them to my format), but the only think I have found is that I have to work
> with "bands". Well, I guess a band is something like a channel (R, G, B,
> Alpha...) but what I need are RGB tiles.
> As you can see, I'm slightly lost.
> So, could anybody tell me the way to learn about GDAL? I've been googling
> around but I can't find anything.
> Thanks a lot for your help!

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