[gdal-dev] New PHP bindings - php5-gdal

Peter Hopfgartner peter.hopfgartner at r3-gis.com
Tue Aug 9 04:04:51 EDT 2011

On 08/09/2011 12:32 AM, Jean-François Gigand wrote:
> Hi,
> I am writing a PHP 5 module providing bindings for GDAL and OGR.
This would be a very usefull addition to GDAL.
> It is GPL3-licensed and available here:
> http://projects.geonef.fr/projects/php5-gdal/wiki
I'm wondering if it would'nt be more apprioprato to  use the same 
license as GDAL itself, see http://www.gdal.org.

BTW: I'm not able to access to the above mentioned address.
> It is far from complete, bindings are available for about a third of
> the C++ interfaces.
> I have been working on/with it for 8 months yet, and recently using it
> on a production website as well.
> I actually wrote the bindings I needed so far, the rest will follow
> little by little, and any contribution is welcome.
> php5-gdal provides PHP classes for the equivalent C++ class, same for
> the methods. The C macro constants of GDAL/OGR are brought to PHP as
> global constants.
> I decided to write this library when I got limited at using OGR/PHP
> (segfault crash) and noticed the latter has not been maintained for
> years.
> After trying to compile the SWIG bindings with no success, I thought a
> good robust C++ code would be the best deal for providing OOP
> interfaces to PHP.
> As the GPL summary says, I hope that this library will be useful!
> There is a dedicated ML, info on
> http://ml.geonef.fr/mailman/listinfo/php5-gdal-dev
> Best regards,
> Jean-François Gigand - Geonef
> Paris, France - http://geonef.fr/
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