[gdal-dev] Re: Wiki page about CMake for GDAL

Jayesh Chaudhary aashishcy at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 23:11:45 EDT 2011

Great. I'd love to receive critique of the proposed approach.

> There must be some weakness of it :-)
> >  I just wanted to add one or two points. How
> > can I get write permissions for the Wiki?
> As Etienne pointed, you need OSGeo User ID

I created the ID and I was able to login! .. so first step is done.

> > Also as far as dependencies of GDAL driver's  are concerned,  we can
> > probably manage them using CMake superbuild support.
> I have never heard of CMake superbuild support.
> Where can I learn more?

This is a very good question. Actually I realized that not much information
is posted on the cmake documentation. I will talk to CMake lead and find
some good reference. There are projects out there (like ParaView) that uses
superbuild but I will see if I can post a simple example of it. I have been
using this feature now for a about year or so.

> > Also I wanted to point out that, I had started cmake port of gdal last
> year
> > which is based on your work:
> > https://gitorious.org/cmake-gdal
> I see. I have seen this repo and I was wondering what is this about.

Now you know -:) Actually we have been using this port for a different
project. I know that 2-3 people contacted me and now using it as well.

> The cmake-gdal that used to be hosted at Google Code was a good proof
> of concept,
> but I wasn't particularly happy about structure of the configuration.
> So, I wanted to find out how to make it more manageable - this is
> important property
> of build configuration of large project. GDAL is large.
> So, I went out and looked for examples. I found Boost CMake
> (http://gitorious.org/boost/cmake)
> I analysed their CMake configuration and code and I replicated the
> ideas I'd found
> most interesting for my purpose.
> That's how I came up with the configuration of SOCI.

Sure, we have been using this port of boost for some of our big projects.

> By the way, I'm not sure I remember correctly, but Kitware seem to be
> interested in supporting
> CMake for Boost in frame of Ryppl project
> ("In a recent meeting between Ryppl developers and Kitware (...)"
> http://ryppl.org/milestones/ )
> Yes, boost developers visited Kitware I believe last year.

Said that, what would be our next step? Should we start from scratch? I
would like to get it started as soon as possible.


> Best regards,
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