[gdal-dev] splitting other_tags from .osm file

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Sat Oct 29 14:27:09 PDT 2016

Le samedi 29 octobre 2016 23:21:00, Djordje Spasic a écrit :
> Thank you for the quick reply Even. 
> > You could as well putaddr:postcode as value in attribute=
> This means that the name of the key (field) will be:"addr:postc", to
> accommodate those 10 maximal characters reserved for shapefile key (field)
> names?

Yes. You could also do renaming with:

ogr2ogr points.shp your.osm -sql "select \"addr:postcode\" as postcode from 

Or create a computed field in the osmconf.ini (untested, but should hopefully 

postcode_sql="SELECT [addr:postcode]"

> Even do you mind if I ask you what is the difference
> betweenother_tags, and all_tags?There is an exaplanation in the
> osmconf.ini: "all_tags" and"other_tags" are exclusive
> But I do not understand it.

Why not just experimenting ? This would be clearer than any explanations.

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