[gdal-dev] gdal configuration parameters settings...

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Mon Sep 5 02:29:29 PDT 2016

> I'm trying to enable all --with-XXXXX during gdal-git configuration. 
> However, it
> looks
> --with-XXXXX can be set to
> *	yes
> *	no
> *	path
> *	config
> 1 out of the above 4 values.
Which one you need depends on what you are trying to do. If you have 
non-standard locations, you need path or config.

> My current configuration is:
> jiapei:gdal$ ./configure --with-liblzma=yes --with-armadillo=yes --with-
> poppler=yes --with-podofo=yes --with-spatialite=yes --with-dds=yes --with-
> cfitsio=yes --with-cryptopp=yes --with-ogdi=yes --with-epsilon=yes --with-
> webp=yes --with-geos=yes --with-spatialite=yes
Some of those are pretty niche. Also, you don't need to duplicate entries.
> OGDI support: no
So you are probably missing the -dev package. Check the configure log.
> SpatiaLite support: no
Same here.


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