[gdal-dev] Placemark With Two Geometries Is Not Processed

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Wed Feb 15 08:36:17 PST 2017

On mercredi 15 février 2017 16:21:09 CET Kahly, Philip D. wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm attempting to process some KML files from an outside source and
> sometimes a <Placemark> will contain two <MultiGeometry> blocks.
> GDAL will not process these placemarks: layer.GetNextFeature() will return
> null, and GetLastErrorMsg() returns an empty string.
> I've attached a sample file "broken.kml", along with two copies in which
> one of the geometry blocks was deleted. GDAL processes these "part*.kml"
> files correctly.
> Google Earth uses the last geometry and ignores the others. Are there any
> settings I could use to get GDAL to exhibit the same behavior?


From a quick try, I'd say that you must use the "old" KML driver. With the LIBKML driver, the 
reported geometry is the last one.


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