[gdal-dev] Vagrant build environment

Craig de Stigter craig.destigter at koordinates.com
Mon Jun 24 00:16:46 PDT 2019

Hi folks

I sat down to finish off a pull request I started months ago, and realised
that GDAL's vagrant build no longer works. It fails quite early in

I think this is probably because Ubuntu 14.04 is no longer in upstream
support, and the ubuntugis PPA has stopped supplying packages for it:

>     default: Unable to locate package postgresql-9.3-postgis-2.2
>     default: Unable to locate package libopenjp2-7-dev
>     default: Unable to locate package libopenjpip7
>     default: Unable to locate package libopenjp3d7

Is there a newer recommended way to easily get a dev build of GDAL running,
with a reasonably complete set of drivers? An updated vagrantfile for
Ubuntu 18.04 would be pretty ideal...



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