[gdal-dev] OZI Raster Driver - new ozf4 file format support

Ivars Grinbergs i.g.mestule at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 00:15:52 PDT 2020

Img2Ozf utility program since version 3.17 produces OZF4 format files.

Since then, when I try to convert my calibrated map, I get an error message
like "ERROR 4: `somefile.ozf4' not recognised as a supported file format.".

Conversion of calibrated map ultimately results in the following command
line call (I am using Windows 10):

gdal_translate.exe -of GTiff --config GDAL_DATA "c:\path\to\gdal\gdal-data"
-co compress=lzw -co BIGTIFF=IF_SAFER "input-file.ozf4" "output-file.tif"

So I understand that OZF2/OZFX3 file formats are different from OZF4 and
GDAL raster driver does not support it.

But are there any ideas, thoughts or discussions on this new format? I
wonder that there is little or no information, especially in the context of
GDAL, about this new Ozi format (at least I cannot find one).

Thanks in advance

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