[gdal-dev] cogger output has no overviews?

Matt.Wilkie at yukon.ca Matt.Wilkie at yukon.ca
Tue Jun 8 11:21:15 PDT 2021

I forgot to add: I tried adding the .ovr file in a manner similar to the Cogger readme example but got an error:

$ cogger -output test.tif SPOT6_321_BeaverRiver_08Sep2018_NAD83_YAlbers.tif SPOT6_321_BeaverRiver_08Sep2018_NAD83_YAlbers.tif.ovr

mucog write: load: cannot load multiple tifs if they contain overviews


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Subject: cogger output has no overviews?


I took cogger for a first test drive and I'm confused. I'm relatively new to the world of Cloud Optimized Geotiffs, so I don't know if my confusion is about the COG format itself or cogger:

I fed a jpeg-in-geotiff file with external overviews (tif.ovr) and mask (tif.msk) to cogger. The output contains neither overviews or mask. Is that the expected result?

It's my understanding not having overviews is the rare case, and do that only if you know what you're doing (I don't!). Is there something I should be doing to keep or regenerate the overviews?

Gdalinfo reports for in and output attached. Gdal's validate-cog python script says the output is a valid cog, also attached.


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