[Geomoose-users] Changes to mapserver-type layer handling in GM 2.6?

Johan Forsman Johan.Forsman at LA.GOV
Mon Apr 16 15:24:48 EDT 2012


I am slowly migrating a GM 2.2 site with some minor customizations to 2.6 and am wondering if what I am observing with my mapserver layers is by design or an error on my part.

On 2.6 it appears that all mapserver layers are requested as WMS which appears to result in 

1) any mapserver-type layer returns an error if the map file does not at least contain something like 'ows_enable_request' '*', and 

2) using the "all" parameter in the layer definition in the mapbook returns an error.

For example, in the 2.2 environment I have a "roads" source defined in the mapbook very simply as such:

<map-source name="roads_simple" type="mapserver" >
<layer name="all"/>

<layer title="Roads" src="roads_simple/all" status="off" legend="true" show-legend="true" fade="false" unfade="false"/>

The forwarded URL request is:


The map file contains many scale-dependent line- and annotation layers and renders beautifully.

In the 2.6 environment the same mapbook definition and mapfile results in this call:


which returns:

<ServiceException code="LayerNotDefined">
msWMSLoadGetMapParams(): WMS server error. Invalid layer(s) given in the LAYERS parameter.

I have unsuccessfully searched for documentation on this topic. Please advise.

Johan Forsman
Engineering Services

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