[GeoNode-devel] Problems restoring Geonode Data

Simone Dalmasso simone.dalmasso at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 23:45:58 PST 2016

the error tells that either your db is not configured with postgis (but if
you have restored then it should be) of you have to add
POSTGIS_VERSION=(2,1,0) to your settings.

2016-02-13 4:38 GMT+01:00 Rodrigo Esquivel <rodrigo.esquivel at gmail.com>:

> Hello All, I  am making some  backup and restore tests.  I followed all
> the information I found in the net:  Backup of the Database and the files
>  in the directories /usr/share/geoserver/data  and
> /var/lib/geoserver/geonode-data.  After I restore the Data Base backup and
> the sub-directories  I have an error 500 when I try to run the application.
>   The Apache's log is telling me that there is some file that do not have
> permission to be accessed( I am attaching the file)  I am using   Geonode R
> 2.09 and Ubuntu 12.04. Does anyone could tell me  if there is any thing
> else I need to do?   Thanks in advance for your time.
> Rodrigo Esquivel
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