[GeoNode-devel] Question about PR #3103: Add QGIS Server Backend

Tim Sutton tim at kartoza.com
Wed Aug 23 12:39:06 PDT 2017

Dear Alessio

Thank you for your message below. I really do agree with everything
you laid out below and I will get Rizky to retract the PR in favor of
more atomic ones. Some things are going to be a bit tricky to keep
atomic as there are a lot of inter-dependencies but we will do our
best to split things up nicely so it is clear what each improvement

I would really appreciate your help / like to take you up on your
offer to review the PR's when we split them up as it is going to be a
big headache to keep them all current to master if we have 10 or more
PR's sitting in the queue for a long time.

So thank you for your inputs and stand by for a fresh batch of PR's.



> Dear all,
> I would like to know if someone of the devs is taking care about this PR.

> At the current state it cannot be merged of course. Other than this I see
> people keeping pushing commits on that branch and therefore updating the PR
> which since a long time is completely misaligned from master branch.

> Other issues preventing this PR to be merged are:

> - more than 150 files modified; it is almost impossible to do a review of
such huge amount of files

> - no connection to issues; each PR should solve a single problem and must
be clear how to reproduce the issue and/or how to test the code. No one can
spend months testing the whole GeoNode functionalities from scratch.

> I know that the GeoNode community has no explicit rules yet on the
management or PRs, but usually in order to be merged a PR you should:

> - close this huge one.

> - split it into several smaller PRs related to specific issues opened on

> - whenever is possible attach test cases or at least explain how to test
the code

> - manage to keep each PR aligned with the code and Travis to pass the build

> I'll be happy to help you merge the PRs as soon as possible after reviewing

> Regards,

> Alessio Fabiani


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