[GeoNode-devel] Timeslots availability for hangout

Francesco Bartoli xbartolone at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 11:38:28 PDT 2017

Hi devs,

Following the discussion about geonode-project and the first meeting during the sprint for what the future GeoNode should be, we can follow up with a call in the next days. A tentative agenda should be:

1. GeoNode project (as per Alessio's email)
1.1 Review settings management options and keep it as simpler as possible for downstream project development
1.2 Define clearer the inheritance approach for the above(pinax strategy, others)
1.3 Dependencies management(setup vs requirements)

2. GeoNode future vision
2.1 GeoNode official feature list
- What is GeoNode and its architecture (to guide GeoNode’s future API and clearly define what is and isn’t a GeoNode, opening the door for wildly different backend implementations in the future and helping big architecture changes)
- Where to track each of them
- External tests verifying each of them on an installation build in a continuos integration platform
- Officially supported installation procedures (deb packages, osgeo live, pypi, docker, ansible, ubuntu snaps) - Maybe we should have just one or two official ones
- Strategies to engage with selected potential new core committers that have been answering mails on the list or submitting good PRs

Please express your interest on participation and give a bunch of preferred times. Maybe integrate more topics in the agenda if I forgot something.

My +1 and any time after 5pm italian time is good for me

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