[GeoNode-devel] GeoFence switch from H2 to PostgreSQL database

Corina Tudorache corina_ww at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 12 02:37:10 PST 2017

I would like to use GeoFence with PostgreSQL instead of H2 database which is the default one. I have been following the steps from here: https://github.com/geosolutions-it/geofence/wiki/GeoFence-configurationAs far as I understood I don't really have to install anything, just replace the H2 hibernate dialect of H2 with the PostgreSQL one. After this create an overwrite file that should tell GeoFence to use the PostgreSQL hibernate dialect instead of H2, and should look like this: https://github.com/geosolutions-it/geofence/blob/master/src/gui/web/src/main/resources/geofence-datasource-ovr.properties.sample   (ofcourse I uncommeted the lines specified in the first link)
The file is located in the conf folder of Tomcat installation and in the setenv file from the bin folder inside Tomcat is pointing to this file. 

The thing is when I remove the the H2 hibernate file (hibernate-spatial-h2-geodb-1.1.1.jar) from Web-Inf/lib and add the PostgreSQL hibernate file (hibernate-spatial-postgis-1.1.1.jar), GeoServer stops and it is impossible to turn it on, unless I add the H2 hibernate file again.
Is it something that I'm missing or I should install a stand alone version of GeoFence?

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