[GeoNode-devel] GeoNode for map based search

varun shah varun.shah196 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 24 11:34:03 PST 2017


I want to build a web application which supports map based search, and I
was wondering if I can do it via GeoNode.

I have a custom shape file, which I wish to upload and display as a map,
along with the feature information. This can be readily achieved via

However, I also want users to be able to select a particular area of the
map and then display only the features in that area, or take input
coordinates and show features in the specified area, and several such small

I could not find documentation on how to customise the GeoNode application
for these. Specifically, I want to know how can I take the coordinates
selected on map in my program as input; and how can I display only a small
subset of features in the map?

Is this achievable via GeoNode? If yes, a link to reference/documentation
would be a great help.

Thank you!

Varun Shah
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