[GeoNode-devel] Installing SSL certificates in GeoNode

Dimitris Karakostis karakostis.dimitris at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 23:40:39 PDT 2017

Hey list,

We are installing SSL certificates for our GeoNode instance. I am testing
right now in staging and I am facing some issues. Although the SSL is
installed in the server and partially works, I am not able to load the
existing layers.

To install the SSL I have followed the instructions here:
geonode_production/ssl.html  (instead of apache we have nginx)
I have also changed the corresponding URLs in the local_settings.py file
(SITE_URL etc.)
And I have executed the updatelayers command.

The staging.geonode.wfp.org page loads with an https and a notification
that is not fully secured. This must be cause some images and the
openstreetmap baselayer  have hardcoded http instead of https.

I can upload new layers and style them or edit the metadata but I am not
able to access any of the old (existing) layers.

I get a NGINX 502 Bad Gateway error. The log files are not particularly
helpful. I suspect that some of the links broke after I executed the
updatelayer command. Before that, I was able to access the layers but I
couldn't style or edit the metadata.

Do you have any idea what it could be the issue?

Thanks a lot.
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