[GeoNode-devel] Using geonode-updateip with a custom geonode-project

Rob Atkinson rob at metalinkage.com.au
Thu Sep 7 18:36:23 PDT 2017

Hi Dave,

FYI I'm looking at an install script to be able to inject custom modules
into a base django project - with GeoNode as a target.

This will handle:
* importing custom settings for module via a template
* injection into INSTALLED_APPS and urls.py
* running migrations
* collecting static files
* installing and configuring additional resources and components used by
the module (e.g. other tomcat WARs)
* performing tests (planned)

  I have an ansible version (on a private repo) but am waiting for some
info from the Boundless folk about using a vanilla shell approach for
improved portability, and some details on how to best run this in a docker
context (as i'm a docker noob)

if you are interested happy to work with you to either;
1) explore adding modules like django-gazetteer to your project using this
2) refactor your project to inject your specialised extensions into a base
Geonode install.


On Fri, 8 Sep 2017 at 02:32 Dave Kennewell <davekennewell at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Geonode Devs,
> I'm using geonode 2.6.3 installed by apt-get on a fresh ubuntu 16.04
> instance.
> On top of this I install geonode-project, and customise settings.py in
> mygeonodeproject.
> This works fine if I use the postgres database that apt-get automatically
> installs locally on my geonode server.
> However, when I go to swap out this local database with a remote one (it's
> on AWS RDS), it's all good until the command "sudo geonode-updateip
> mygeonodeproject.com" tells me I don't have a superuser created (I do,
> but it's on the remote database, created using the manage.py command in
> mygeonodeproject folder).
> When I drill into this a bit deeper, it appears to come down to this line:
> https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode/blob/2.6.x/geonode/
> base/management/commands/fixoauthuri.py#L33
> This line ("from django.conf import settings") is pulling in models from
> the local geonode database, not the remote RDS database I'm using for
> mygeonodeproject.
> What am I doing wrong here, and what is the best way to import my custom
> project into this command rather than the globally installed geonode, when
> using "from django.conf import settings"?
> thanks for any help
> regards
> Dave
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