[GeoNode-devel] Am I starting to annoy you?

Cosmere Technologies team at cosmeretech.com
Tue Nov 27 05:16:09 PST 2018

Hi Madam/Sir ,

Hope you are doing well .

I have reached out to you a few times regarding Scan to CAD / BIM Services: https://hubs.ly/H0fmsnD0 ,and haven't heard back. I really don’t want to give up on you without getting a yes or a no. 
Thanks anyways, but there isn’t any interest in your services . I want to talk -- let’s schedule a time to chat . Timing isn’t right but I am interested in talking at a later time. 1 ,2 or 3 ? Please respond me with an answer .

I really believe that Cosmere can provide back-office support your business, but I don’t want to be that pesky, annoying marketing person that keeps reaching out. 

Thanks for your response!
Sudheesh Ellath
Skype id - Sudheeshdivakar (Abu Dhbai)
G109,TechnoHub,Silicon Oasis,Dubai
A7, Gayathri,Technopark,TVM,India
Ph:+971561231284 /+914712700950

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