[GeoNode-devel] Upgrading GeoNode: map permissions

Paolo Pasquali paolo.pasquali at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 00:34:41 PDT 2019

Dear devs,

I have an issue with map permissions after migrating.

I have migrated my GeoNode 2.10.x (unstable with GeoExplorer) to another
server upgrading to the latest stable version (with MapStore2).
I have copied the workspaces, styles, uploaded and permissions folders from
the old GeoServer data folder to the new one (after restoring the db). Then
I've run some scripts such as updatemaplayerip, fix_baselayers,
set_layer_permissions and sync_security_rules.

All seems ok except for maps. I'm getting an error when I try to view a map:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401
at mydomain/security/permission/xx
You are not allowed to change permissions for this resource

Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance for your help!


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