[GeoNode-devel] How to bypass the "not permitted" message when trying to access to layer ?

Samuel POTTER samuel.potter at cirad.fr
Wed Sep 4 02:33:18 PDT 2019


For my company I have to change the display of the layer_list on geonode. For example if the user (logged or no) don't have "the view_resource" he will still see the resource in the layer_list but when he will try to access to it, he will only be able to see the metadata but not the map. I've already done the display of the map in the list even if the user don't have the permission to see, but when I clik on the data, I have the message "not permitted" if I'm connected or a redirection to the loggin screen. I would like to find a way to bypass this, I tried to find where the status message was called but I didn't find it. 

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