[GeoNode-devel] Few questions about the current status (versions and branches)

Rizky Maulana Nugraha rizky at kartoza.com
Tue Apr 20 21:53:06 PDT 2021

Hi everyone,

I'm interested to follow the discussion.

> SpcGeonode is no longer maintained.

I didn't realize about this: SPCGeoNode was no longer maintained. Was this
decision final? Will the recipes be excluded in the future from GeoNode
I've made some small patches into the scripts and docker-compose recipes in
the past because it's very easy to customize deployment from those recipes.
I even made Kubernetes Helm charts recipes based on SPCGeoNode recipes for
our company, Kartoza.

Was the reason SpcGeoNode no longer maintained because no one is actively
working inside that directory?
I've just realized that the SPCGeoNode section was no longer in the
main/master docs.

Rizky Maulana Nugraha

On Tue, 20 Apr 2021 at 22:13, Chiara Sammarco <chiara.sammarco at geodatalab.it>

> Hi all,
> I have a few questions about the current status of GeoNode.
> The first question is about *geonode's installation versions*, as far as
> I've understood:
>    1. SpcGeonode is no longer maintained.
>    2. There's a new docker version (in the guide
>    <https://docs.geonode.org/en/master/install/advanced/core/index.html#docker>).
>    (About docker versions, I have noticed the geonode-project
>    <https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode-project> repo. Which is the
>    difference?)
>    3. It is possible to follow a traditional installation (in the guide - installation
>    for Ubuntu 20.04lts
>    <https://docs.geonode.org/en/master/install/advanced/core/index.html#ubuntu-20-04lts>
>    )
> Is that right? If you want to add something else to complete the picture,
> maybe it will be useful also for others.
> The last two options are normally maintained, aren't they? Is there a
> preferred one or I can freely choose the most convenient one?
> The second question is about *branches*. By reading the last messages in
> this mailing list, I have understood that branches 3.2.x or 3.1.x are more
> stable. Is that still like this?
> Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.
> Best regards,
> Chiara Sammarco
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Rizky Maulana Nugraha
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rizky at kartoza.com
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