[GeoNode-devel] Upload layer on migrated 3.1 missing attributes

Alessio Fabiani alessio.fabiani at geo-solutions.it
Mon Feb 8 03:31:48 PST 2021

@Toni Schönbuchner <toni.schoenbuchner at csgis.de> could you give a shot to
the branch "master_optimizations_backport_3x"

Basically the most important change is about "geoserver/tasks", there are
improvements on master branch to the tasks update workflow in order to
1. Redundant and useful calls to GeoServer (when not needed)
2. More stability in case something goes wrong during the resource
synchronization; in particular I noticed that the code trying to read the
generated "sld" may file due to a race condition when a style is renamed by
the GeoServer Importer. In this case the synchronization fails prematurely
and is not capable of finalizing the attributes from GeoServer.
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