[GeoNode-devel] Important communication regarding the future of development branches

G. Allegri giovanni.allegri at geo-solutions.it
Wed Mar 3 08:08:28 PST 2021

Dear all,

As already announced and discussed with the PSC, GeoSolutions has started a
long-term activity that will include a significant refactoring and cleanup
and several improvements to GeoNode (core and client). Our goal is to pave
the road for the next major version of GeoNode, while maintaining GeoNode
3.x as it is now and backporting what can be backported.

In order to reduce the risk of obtaining a fork rather then an evolution of
GeoNode, we designed the following plan:

   - *3.2.x*: this is the branch *where the work for the release of GeoNode
   3.2 will be done, and which will be used only for security issues and bug
   - *3.x: *this will be cut from 3.2.x when GeoNode 3.2 will be released
   and will become* the development branch for the version of GeoNode in
   the current shape*.
   - *master: * the long-term development, where the the work briefly
   mentioned above will be done

A *3.1.x branch* will also be created for any critical fix to the current
stable (GeoNode 3.1).

Any fix or improvement that can be shared between the 3.x.x branches and
master should be kept aligned through backporting, but master could become
highly unstable during the upcoming months.
For these reasons we are also planning the setup of a stable demo site,
which will track branch 3.2.x.

Alessio will prepare branches 3.1.x, 3.2.x soon. We will take care to
update any reference between the projects (e.g. geonode-project) so that we
will have a consistent stack of stable branches along with the development
ones (master).
The critical branch will be 3.x, which is currently used for bug fixing on
3.1. Developers must be aware of this change, since the moment 3.2 will be
released 3.x. will immediately advance to that commit (==3.2.x).

I hope I was able to explain the plan clearly. Of course this thread is
meant to let anybody ask questions or share any concern about this plan.


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Dott. Giovanni Allegri
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