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Giovanni Allegri giovanni.allegri at geosolutionsgroup.com
Tue Feb 22 07:47:05 PST 2022

Dear Pattara,

1. Importing of GeoPackage files seems not supported yet. Is it just not
>> yet implemented or are there any big obstacles against supporting it?
I confirm that importing a GeoPackage is not currently supported neither
in GeoNode nor in the Geoserver Importer extension, which is employed by
GeoNode for the ingestion of new datasets (so I guess that this isn't
available in Cartoview too).
The implementation would be quite challenging but, as usual, it's doable if
sufficient funds are available.

>> 2. Does GeoNode already have a concept or implementation of layer
>> analysis,
>> e.g., user picks a layer, do some actions e.g., create buffer, or merge it
>> with another layer, then save as another new layer? If we are to do it, do
>> you have suggestions on how it should be done?
Currently, GeoNode doesn't provide analysis tools. You can create
dashboards and add widgets (charts, tables, etc.) to a map but only as
visualization tools.
GeoNode uses the OGC services provided by its cartographic backend, which
is Geoserver.

Potentially you could leverage the WFS service and implement your tools in
a custom client app (either as a MapStore plugin or a standalone custom
view published as a custom Django view), using a library like Turf.js
With the help of GeoNode APIs, you could publish the results back as a new
dataset, or alter the original dataset via WFS-T.

>> 3. The following plug-ins/feature of MapStore seem to disappear in the
>> Mapstore that is embedded in GeoNode. Is it possible to enable them?
>> * config search service / create,edit search service
>> * export map application to mapstore config format, WMC format
>> * import map context file: MapStore legacy format, WMC and vector layer
>> files: shapefiles (must be contained in zip archives), KML/KMZ, GeoJSON,
>> Annotations or GPX to map application
>> * add/edit Catalog layer service
As already mentioned by others, we disabled this functionality on purpose,
since maps configurations are stored and managed as GeoNode maps.
A map export might be useful if map layers are public, otherwise, you lose
the authentication and authorization services provided by GeoNode.
A map import would work, but you would end up publishing a map with layers
completely disconnected from GeoNode.

Anyway, if you wish to have these plugins in a custom GeoNode client build
of yourself you might give a look at the development documentation for the

>> 4. We have created a few custom plug-ins that adding something on the
>> displaying map, but  those stuff won't be on the printed output. Any
>> suggestions on how do we customize the printing module to include those
>> things?
Printing is provided by a Geoserver extension. Basic support to print
custom elements is provided by Vector layer params
This is what for example MapStore uses to print map annotations.




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