[GeoNode-users] Lets Make a Deal - Social Authentication and GeoJSON storage?

GC-54 nepanode at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 14:58:36 PDT 2015

If someone with AngularJS background offers to help me redesign the way
layer/document/map entries list/pagination and thumb-nailing problem for
the site AND allow for the selection of multiple maps/layers/or Documents
to produce a Bibliography like citation list from the metadata...

*Then I will:*

*Flesh out the installation instructions* for
enabling/installing/configuring python-social-auth (ie sign in with
Google/Github/Linkedin) and django-leaflet-storage (GeoJSON storage and
render-er django app and leaflet-storage *and commit the repositories of 4
django apps that I've tested/installed within Geonode and help you get one

   - Django-Helpdesk
   - Django-Blog-Zinnia
   - django-leaflet-storage
   - python-social-auth


Feel free to offer a time to meet, message me, or reply directly if you
except :)
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