[GeoNode-users] allowed_host & proxy_allowed_host

Eugenio Trumpy frippe12573 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 9 08:14:14 PST 2015

Hi everybody,

I would like to understand better the importance of the two variables:


which are now mandatory (?) in the config file 'local_setting.py' in the master version.
Currently I set up this two variables as stated in the documentation:

ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['', 'localhost', '::1']
PROXY_ALLOWED_HOSTS = ("", 'localhost', '::1')

However I wonder if this is correct for my environment.
I'm working for deploying a geonode on my server and not in my localhost (desktop) as well as 
any VM. I have a server with its own ip and hostname.

How should I use these two variables? What do they mean?


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