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Hi all,

could anybody suggest me a pair of geonode hosting services,
and of course relatives links?



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the ALLOWED_HOSTS is only for your server name and it's not involved in the remote server use. It should contain the name or IP of your geonode server.the PROXY_ALLOWED_HOSTS should look like  ( '<host>', ) beware the parenthesis.
In case it still don't work you can open the browser debug console and see what request is issued.
hope this helps
2016-05-24 16:48 GMT+02:00 Marcelo Villarroel <raul.marcelo.villarroel.villazon at gmail.com>:
Geonode, version 2.4b25, is installed in a linux server of my office. I´m connecting as superuser through local network.
There are ArcGIS rest services I want to add. They are provided as:

I added this server in local_settings.py:
ALLOWED_HOSTS= [ 'https://<host>/arcgis/services' ]PROXY_ALLOWED_HOSTS = [ 'https://<host>/arcgis/services' ]
When I want to add a layer to a map:
Layers/ Add layers / Add a new Server... / Type: ArcGIS REST Service (REST)URL: https://<host>/arcgis/rest/services/SMA/WebMap_Existente/MapServer/<name>The message remains: Contacting server...  and does not connect.
Do you know if there is something I´m missing in the configuration file, or is something related to the ArcGIS service itself?
Thank you.Regards,-- 
R. Marcelo Villarroel V.Ing. Civil, MSc.Sistemas de Información Geográfica
Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Cel.:     (+591) 722 12346
Mail:     raul.marcelo.villarroel.villazon at gmail.com


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