[GeoNode-users] GeoNode depolyment with dominname

Simone Dalmasso simone.dalmasso at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 00:33:37 PDT 2017


geonode doesn't work well if is not in the root of the domain. The
recommendation is to keep it under the root and user a virtualhost instead
(like geonode.example.com/)

2017-08-10 9:28 GMT+02:00 Naresh N <naresh919 at gmail.com>:

> Dear All,
>  Please suggest for the following query. Sorry to post to this group,
> since the query is not related to GeoNode software. I felt some users might
> faced issue and I may get some solution.
>  I have deployed the GeoNode 2.4 version in RHEL 7.2 64 bit machine. It is
> working fine. Now we want to make live to public. For this  our network
> team has given domain name with reverse proxy.
> For example:   My System IP:  192.168.XXX.XXX
> Given Domain Name: http://example.com/geonode
> And they have told that with reverseproxy  when users type
> http://example.com/geonode will internal redirect to 192.168.XXX.XX
>  (Geonode depolyed system IP).
> With the above the GeoNode home page is loading not properly, since  all
> the static links/jsfiles are not loaded, and I have found that the url is
> going to http://example.com/*static/lib/css/assets.min.css?v=2.4*
> when I modified the urr as follows, it is working fine
> http://example.com/*geonode*/*static/lib/css/assets.min.css?v=2.4*
> Then I added  in settings.py file static_url=/static/ to
> url=/geonode/static. The home page loaded properly. However if we click on
> Layers/Map/documents - those links are going to again
> http://example.com/layers - where page is not loading.
> Please suggest
> Please find below link -  it may be helpful - to give solution to my
> problme
> *https://serverfault.com/questions/561892/how-to-handle-relative-urls-correctly-with-a-reverse-proxy
> <https://serverfault.com/questions/561892/how-to-handle-relative-urls-correctly-with-a-reverse-proxy>*
> Thanks&Regards,
> Naersh
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