[GeoNode-users] Migrating large number of layers to Geonode

Sacha Black sacha.black at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 14:32:54 PST 2017

hi list,

I am new to GeoNode and interested in migrating a large number of layers (>
3000)  from an old Mapserver 6.x WMS server. They are mostly shapefiles and
some rasters.

I know I can connect to the existing WMS service to use the layers in
GeoNode, but since eventually the old server will be turned off, I would
like to know the best option to import the layers into GeoNode permanently.

I set up a basic GeoNode in a clean Ubuntu 16.04 install using the Quick
Guide (http://geonode.org/#install). But I didn't find any specific
instructions for setting up a bulk import.

Is there any examples of using a script to do this kind of task? Is this a
reasonable expectation? What warnings/best practices should I be aware of?

- Sacha
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