[GeoNode-users] "STYLE" in remote service layers should not be a required item in metadata edition

Ariel Neri ariel.neriw at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 06:27:56 PDT 2017

Hi, I´m using geonode 2.6. I added remote service layers and i tried to add
keywords to them.
I found two issues there.
1° In the metadata edition panel (from the layer detail page, not from
admin UI) the Kewywords box is not working. It does not show the added
keywords, and if i write anithing to it, it will not be saved.

2° Adding keywords in the admin UI works fine, but... the Style box is a
"required item", and in remote wms layers, i shouldn´t change style from
the one in wms. If i choose any style, the layer is not visible (pink tiles
are displayed, it was working fine before adding a style).

If there´s another way to add keywords without having to choose a style,
please tell me.
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