[GeoNode-users] Geonode 2.6 and Geoserver integration

Giovani Fronza giovanifronza at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 06:12:10 PST 2017

Hello list!
I'm trying to use version 2.6 for a production server on the local network.
It looks like everything is ok with the geonode configuration for local
address, except for integration with geoserver.
So I tried to adjust the settings for authentication in the geoserver by
replacing the localhost:8000 parameters with my local address, resulting in the following configuration:

[image: Imagem inline 2]
I still can not access the geoserver in authenticated mode from the
geonode. When I try to perform authentication using the geonode logo button
on the geoserver interface I get the following notification:
Error: invalid_request

Invalid client_id parameter value.

What could be wrong here? How to get valid values for Client ID and Client
Secret for Oauth2 authentication?

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