[GeoNode-users] Geonode 2.6 and Geoserver integration

Francesco Bartoli xbartolone at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 06:27:31 PST 2017

Hi Giovani,


How did you perform the installation? If you rely on ppa this configuration is
done automatically. Please be careful that only testing release is available
at the moment since we are managing with few bugs before the official stable.


Hope this helps

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On mar 6 2017, at 3:12 pm, Giovani Fronza <giovanifronza at gmail.com> wrote:  

> Hello list!  
I'm trying to use version 2.6 for a production server on the local network. It
looks like everything is ok with the geonode configuration for local address, except for integration with geoserver.  
So I tried to adjust the settings for authentication in the geoserver by
replacing the localhost:8000 parameters with my local address,
resulting in the following configuration:  
I still can not access the geoserver in authenticated mode from the geonode.
When I try to perform authentication using the geonode logo button on the
geoserver interface I get the following notification:  


> ## Error: invalid_request


> Invalid client_id parameter value.


> What could be wrong here? How to get valid values for Client ID and Client
Secret for Oauth2 authentication?


> Giovani  

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