[GeoNode-users] Change DEFAULT_MAP_CRS to other CRS than 900913 or 4326

John, Steffen s.john at atenekom.eu
Fri Mar 10 06:37:39 PST 2017

Hi all,

I would like to change the DEFAULT_MAP_CRS of my Geonode instance to another value than 4326 or 900913.
The reason for it is,  that I need to add a WMS-Backgroundlayer which does not support 900913. Ok, 4326 is supported, but I want a projected system.

I tried changing the Parameter DEFAULT_MAP_CRS to EPSG:25832, which is the official reference system in most states of Germany (UTM, Zone 32).

Appearently, changing the parameter is not enough since the map is not loaded properly when creating a new map. In the debug tool of the browser, I can see that Geonode tries to find the following file:


and request spatialreference.org afterwards.

The File can not be found, because its not there...

Can you tell me, where exactly the file should be located and what should be in there? (I guess, the definition of the crs, but in which format?)

Do need to change something else, in order to get it running?

Thanks for your help.



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