[GeoNode-users] Disabling Layer Upload logged-in users

Paolo Corti pcorti at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 07:03:25 PST 2017


> 1.       All registered users seem to be able to upload a new layer. I would
> like to limit this, either to a specific group that I may define, or to only
> staff.
> Is this possible? I could not find any relevant setting, or any relevant
> documentation on this.
> I’ve found this reply:
> https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/213951/geonode-restrict-upload but
> it does not explain how I can do this.

This is something which currently is not possible in GeoNode, though
it shouldn't be complicated to implement.
It would be enough to add a belongs_to_group(groupname) method to
people Profile model which could be checked in template.


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