[GeoNode-users] Mapbox Base Maps and Gebco Base Maps

Julierme Pinheiro juliermeopensourcedeveloper at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 10:03:54 PDT 2018

Hi all,

I have issue regarding *1 - Mapbox Base Maps* and *2 - Gebco Base Maps*.

*1 - Mapbox Base Maps*

I just installed Geonode2.8 and while creating a map, all Mapbox Base Maps
generates a matrix of pink tiles.

Looking at firefox console, I got the following messages:

 window.controllers/Controllers is deprecated. Do not use it for UA

Use of Mutation Events is deprecated. Use MutationObserver instead.

Google Maps API warning: InvalidKey

Google Maps API error: InvalidKeyMapError

*2 - Gebco Base Maps*

I set the configuration bellow to load Gebco Bathymetry as a layer on the
map, but it is loaded as a overlay, what change should I make to load it as
Map Base layer?

, {
              "ptype": "gxp_wmscsource",

Thank you very much for your time in advance.

I appreciated it

*Julierme Pinheiro*
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