[GeoNode-users] 2.8 apt-get install zoom layer preview settings still unclear

Friedrich Müller friedrichmueller.sub at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 06:13:11 PDT 2018

Hello Geonoders,
I did a Geonode 2.8 install with apt-get install on Ubuntu 16.04.
Everything works except the representation of the layers on the map in the
layer detail view.
This is a known issue -I tried the steps from older posts


That managed that if i use the Geoext-Client to create a map, the zooms to
the layer works correctly (which was also wrong before). If I save a map
the zoom and  bbox extent is also correct in the map detail page.

Now I dont know how i can fix this issue. I also tried to get the
client/geoext folder from the current master branch and replaced the folder
of the 2.8 version.
This also didn't solved the issue.

So can someone please help me out who managed to fix this issue already?
Which files are responsible for the 'layer detail map'- view exactly?
Also the changes to 2.8.1 were not clear to me which ones have the effect
for the layer detail map.
Even a strategy how to fix this would be an advantage because i spent  lot
of time with this 'little' issue.

Thanks and cheers,
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