[GeoNode-users] GeoNode Authentication

Pierre-Alix Tremblay pierrealix at kartoza.com
Tue Dec 11 06:33:16 PST 2018

I’m new to the GeoNode (and Django) world so sorry in advance if my question sounds newbie and a bit straightforward. 
I did a bit of research but it’s still not clear in my mind.

I have a GeoNode instance running at http://my_domain/geonode.
I have a django app (named SAE) running http://my_domain/
So the apps run under the same domain.

I want users to authenticate on SAE (using a custom login form) with their GeoNode credentials and be automatically logged on GeoNode.
The flow would look like the GeoNode/GeoServer authentication using the OAuth 2 protocol but I don’t want to send the user to the GeoNode login form. 

Is it doable? How to achieve this?

Kind regards,

Pierre-Alix Tremblay

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