[GeoNode-users] Update GeoNode IP Address

MDG DEE kula009 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 17:32:59 PST 2018


I installed Geonode on Ubuntu 16.04, by following the installation guide:

I decided to follow this method instead of using the quick installation,
because I'd like to have some flexibility to customize the Geonode, such as
user interface. And possibly do some development in the future.

After Geonode was installed, I tried to update the IP address using:

*sudo geonode-updateip my_ip_address*

However, It failed by throwing an error message like: *geonode-updateip
command is not found*

Also I noticed any commands like "*geonode xxx*" cannot be recognized since
it was not installed via the quick installation, so the geonode was not
installed as a whole sealed package. I know the workaround is to use
"manage.py" to replace "*geonode*"

However, I couldn't find a similar solution to the "*geonode-updateip"
Can someone kindly show me how to make it work?

Thanks in advance!

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