[GeoNode-users] Upgraded to Geoserver 2.12.1 -- Unexpected

Toni Schönbuchner toni.schoenbuchner at csgis.de
Sun Jan 7 01:54:21 PST 2018

Hi Unni,

Geonode needs a modified geoserver version (because of auth).
That´s why I mentioned the build resource.

Unfortunately I´m not familiar with this exception further cannot say if geonode 1.7.11
and geoserver 2.12.1 are compatible. ( 1.7.11 ships with 2.10 as far as I remember ) .
I´m sure other users can help you here.

Just to double check, you´re settings are correct and you brought everything in sync?
manage.py updatelayers etc … ? Also a look at your gsconfig version could be a first



> Hi Toni,
> I upgraded to latest geoserver (2.12.x ) from that location(http://build.geonode.org/geoserver/latest/ <http://build.geonode.org/geoserver/latest/>) you have mentioned. But when I upload a layer from geonode, I am getting the following error
> Unexpected excwpti9n 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'store_type'
> The current geonode version is used :is 1.7.11
> Thanks
> Unni M

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