[GeoNode-users] GeoNode2.8.0 installed from source Thumbnails Error

Toni Schönbuchner toni.schoenbuchner at csgis.de
Sun Jun 10 02:07:26 PDT 2018

Dear Julierme,

> I have GeoNode at 2.8.0. installed in a virtualenv according to
> http://docs.geonode.org/en/master/tutorials/install_and_
> admin/geonode_install/index.html. The thumbnails created by loading data
> from GeoNode interface do not work at all.
> They are displayed if and only if I upload the layers from GeoServer
> interface and in a next step, run python manage.py updatelayers. It is very
> interesting what happens here: after running updatelayers, if I go to
> GeoNode interface, I see the thumbnail perfectly fine, but doing a right
> click over it and copy image location, the response is an OWS url as I am
> showing bellow. However If a make a request to the database,
> get_thumbnail_url, the response is a http://localhost:8000/. Why port 8000?

I just did a test with a dev installation from master. ( Should not make any difference
to 2.8. ) Unfortunately I cannot reproduce your behavior. See my test here:
It´s of importance that I did not change anything in settings.py nor pavement.py

This means: 

Django is started on port 8000 as pavement.py defines:

Geoserver is made available by Jetty which runs on port 8080:

And introduced to geonode in django settings here:

This should give you an overview for used ports in dev mode.

> If I remove port 8000, the thumbnails work like a charm in port 80.

This does not make sense as with above there is no service listening on port 80!
Do you run several instances at the same time? 
$ lsof -i :80 | grep LISTEN

> A brilliant idea came out. Let's compare GeoNode at 2.8.0 stable installed via
> apt-get with GeoNode at 2.8.0 installed from source in a python virtualenv.

In production geonode installs apache which listens on port 80!
Then apache vhost forwards requests from port 80 to the wsgiDaemon
( https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/2.0/howto/deployment/wsgi/ )
In other words it´s not that easy to compare both setups.

If it helps for you: If you´re testing on a local VM run over virtualbox
I could offer that I´m having a look at it? In this case it would be needed
that you send me the box somehow.

Besides this, last week Olivier Dalang drew my attention at his work running
geonode by use of docker. See: https://github.com/olivierdalang/SPCgeonode
This is an alternative to the official geonode docker stack.
As with geonode 'dev setup‘ this installation is meant to be used for customisations.
It´s worth to have a look at it - all you have to do is install docker on your current
platform, clone the repository and run docker-compose up --build -d
After a while you´ll have a solid running geonode on at port 80 ;)



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