[GeoNode-users] Problem with GeoFence permissions

Daniel Victoria daniel.victoria at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 04:52:52 PST 2018

Hi list,

I have GeoNode 2.6.3, installed from apt, in a Ubuntu machine. Right now i
have 108 registered layers, some imported using the web interface, some
using the `geonode importlayers` command.

Last week I noticed that some of the layers I was importing using the
management command had view permission problems. I realized that the cause
was that the GeoFence rules were not being created correctly.

Looking at the messages on the list, I saw that there were some discussions
about this issue and that 1) there was a patch for
geoserver/helper.py [1] and 2) a new `sync_geofence` management command.

I applied the patch and downloaded the `sync_geofence` command.

Now, every time I run `geonode updatelayers` I end up with a different set
of rules in GeoFence. Some times with 106 rules, some times with 209 rules
etc. And I can't run `geonode sync_geofence` since I'm getting an error:

UnboundLocalError: local variable 'perm_spec' referenced before assignment

Any idea how to fix this issue so I don't have to manually create the
GeoFence rules? And also, not have `geonode updatelayers` mess up the rules
already created?


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